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    Visit Bodrum Castle (The Castle of St. Peter) and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

    Built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, Bodrum Castle is a historical landmark which has seen many different battles and historical figures. This castle stood as a stronghold for over six centuries and was one of the most notable military garrisons of its age. The entire compound encompassed a small village, and today, all the towers and various parts of  the castle have been converted into exhibition halls for the Underwater Archaeology Museum.

    The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which received a special commendation in 1995 as European Museum of the Year, was established in the Bodrum Castle in 1964. Initially, the restoration of the castle was the priority; later, exhibition halls were created in the available spaces.

    The museum exhibits several collections of ancient artefacts, including relics retrieved from local shipwrecks, divided over 14 exhibition salons. Many of the items found in the museums can be touched and examined by visitors and there are explanatory texts.

    Visit  The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

    The magnificent tomb that first defined the term "mausoleum" was built in Halicarnassus for the Carian satrap Mausolus (d. 353 BCE). Set on a massive podium, this was a monument of incredible grandeur, 45 meters tall and with reliefs on each facade carved by some of the most famous Greek 4th-century BCE sculptors, Bryaxis, Leochares, Scopas of Paros, and Timotheus.

    It was toppled by earthquakes between 1100 - 1400 and until then it was the last remaining of the six ruined wonders of the ancient world.

    Most of the marble blocks and polished stone became spolia for Bodrum Castle, but the mausoleum's original site is a humbling place because of what it represents.

    See Bodrum Harbour

    It’s fascinating to think that vessels have been docking at Bodrum Harbour, tucked snug behind the castle, for upwards of 3000 years.

    For those coming from the land, the harbour with its wide quaysides, palms, and eucalyptus trees is a prime place to mill around and watch the ferries come and go, particularly in the evening when the sunset is lovely.

    And along the street at the back, there's an unbroken string of restaurants and cafes taking advantage of these views.

    The harbour is also where you'll find those traditional three-masted gulets, built right here in Bodrum. Gulets are traditional wooden masted sailing boats similar to caiques.

    See the Marinas of Bodrum

    • Bodrum Marina

    Bodrum Marina, located in the heart of Bodrum, owned by Doğan Holding,  is amongst the most sophisticated marinas of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas with a berthing capacity of 450 yachts and 50 on land.

    Renovated in 1999, Bodrum Milta Marina is the  perfect environment for yachties and Bodrum visitors. Technically well-equipped the Marina offers a professional infrastructure and efficient staff. The marina is celebrated for its Blue Flag and Five Gold Anchor Awards.

    • Yalıkavak Marina

    Port Palmarina (Yalıkavak Marina) is situated in Yalıkavak, 18 km away from Bodrum. The port Palmarina is the brand-new sophisticated, and stylish face of Bodrum. The port has a 400-yacht berthing capacity and will eventually be able to accommodate 710 yachts and 26 mega yachts at the same time.

    • D-Marin Turgutreis

    D-Marin Turgutreis is located 20 km away from Bodrum, and 50 km away from Milas (Bodrum) Airport. D-Marin Turgutreis offers a peaceful environment for yachties, locals, and tourists.