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    in Bodrum

    Start your Day with a typical Turkish Breakfast

    Turkish breakfast is a great way to start your day. Çay (Turkish Tea served in tulip shaped glasses) is accompanied by local cheeses, jams, honey, tomatoes and olives with local breads. Sometimes there will be eggs, cold meats, savoury pastries and seasonal fruit too. 

    There’s plenty of variety, so the picky eaters among us can choose what they like and what they don't. It's organic-friendly and vegetarian-friendly.

    Take a Boat Tour to Visit the Popular or Secluded Bays of Bodrum

    Bodrum is located on a peninsula and has many small peninsulas which create both popular and secluded bays. It would take an age to visit every nook and cranny by car  The best option to visit all the bays of Bodrum is to take a boat. You can rent a small boat for you and your friends or family. Alternatively, you can join a public boat tour. The tours start before midday and end before the evening.

    Enjoy the Long Balmy Nights of Bodrum

    Nightlife in Bodrum is exceptional, and you can enjoy the lively nights and nightlife activities of Bodrum in its numerous bars, clubs, nightclubs, and shows.

    The Bodrum Bar Street, Bodrum Marina Yacht Club, and Bodrum Tekilacılar Street located at the back of the Bodrum Castle are the main nightlife and entertainment zones in Bodrum.

    Start your Second Day by Hiking

    Bodrum offers a great balance of natural beauty and historical heritage and often you are able to walk through both at the same time!

    Bodrum enjoys ten months a year of warm sunshine. It also boasts a wealth of different scenery that includes picturesque beaches, wild rocky shores dotted with flowers, and untouched paths.

    So before settling down on the golden sands next to the turquoise sea why not stretch your legs a bit.

    Relax and enjoy the Turquoise Sea and Golden Sands

    There’s nowhere better for real golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise sea! Bodrum has a lot of blue flag beaches to offer its guests.

    When you want a break from the many activities and excursions on offer why not just go to one of the beaches, lie down under the sunshine and enjoy the turquoise water and a bit of peace!

    Have Dinner at an Elegant Restaurant

    You'll find lots of restaurants to choose from on the Bodrum peninsula that offer all kinds of cuisine. A romantic and peaceful meal in Bodrum can be enjoyed at the numerous Bodrum restaurants whilst watching the sunset and enjoying the splendid setting.